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Narcissism has gained popularity as people scramble to try and understand the strange behavior of so-called toxic individuals. A mountain of information exists to help identify red flags, often with the intention of ascertaining whom to avoid.

In From Narcissism To Nirvana, author Esther Hunter explains how narcissism is not a dirty word and shouldn’t be feared. It’s simply a form of arrested development. She tells how the purpose of narcissism is to trigger us toward spiritual awakening. Conquering a narcissistic situation has extreme transformative power and can awaken the dormant leadership qualities inside of us.

We no longer need to be confused, hurt, or in a state of fear about encountering narcissists in our lives. By shining a light on the different ways we can use our own experiences with narcissism to achieve enlightenment, From Narcissism To Nirvana provides the ultimate guide to alchemizing our struggles.